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KC-JK666 Garden Automatic Watering Timer Ball Valve Rainfall Monitoring Induction Timer

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KC-JK666 Garden Automatic Watering Timer Ball Valve Rainfall Monitoring Induction Timer

KCASA KC-JK666 Garden Automatic Watering Timer Ball Valve With Rainfall Monitoring Induction
Rainfall Monitoring Induction
Rain sensor monitoring is the observation of precipitation and precipitation intensity in time and space.
Normal watering timers only designed watering on time, even if it's rain all the time. With the rain sensor on the top, the timer will become more clever.
No matter spewing rainfall or drizzled rain, it will auto stop watering as long as the sensor is actived. Save your worry and energy.

Convenient Double Knob Design
Compare to the old type button style water timer, the knob design is much more convenient !~

The button type timer force you press again and again to set the time and frequency you want,
and probably most of them got a bad touch feeling when you press on it.
The Knob design allows you directly turn to the setting as you wish. Large and clear indicator, easy to read and control.

Frequency : To set how often the irrigation system work.
Water time : To set how long the irrigation system work.

Elastic Rubber Sealing Ring, Dual Waterproof Protection
Beside the clear acrylic front cover, there is a rubber sealing ring designed in it.
Compare to the old style "flip design" cover, they provide dual waterproof protection.
Guarantee everything working well in all kind of environment / outdoor situation.

Specifications :
Brand : KCASA
Material : Plastic
Color : Atrovirens + Yellow
Frequency : 1-2-3-4-6-8-12-24-48-72-Week
Water Time : 1-3-5-10-15-20-30-60-90-120-On/Off
Working Temperature : 0 - 60 ℃ (32 - 140 F)
Working Pressure : 0-2 Bar (0 - 89.7 PSI)

Battery : Power by 9V Battery
Weight : 400g
Package Includes :
1 x KCASA KC-JK666 Smart Garden Watering Timer


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