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Espresso Moka Coffee Maker Pot Percolator Stainless Steel Electric Stove Electric Coffee Kettle

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This expresso coffee maker is suitable for use on gas, electric and ceramic stove tops,use small or medium fire to ensure stable performance.

Color: Silver
Material: Stainless Steel
Capacity: 4 cups pot is about 200ML for 1 person / 9 cups pot is about 450ML for 3 people
A: 4 cups size: 8.5*16.5cm/3.3*6.5"
B: 9 cups size: 11*22cm/4.3*8.7"


Expresso Coffee Maker Features:
1. Bakelite Handle Stays Cool to the Touch.
2. Stainless Steel.
3. Makes Italian Style Expresso Coffee.
4. Flip Up Top and Side Pour Spout. Espresso pot have 3 part,easy to use with a flip Up top and Side Pour Spout for easy serving.
5. Easy to clean and disassemble,be careful with sharp edges on lid.
6. Suitable for use on gas, electric and ceramic stove tops,use small or medium fire to ensure stable performance.

Electric Stove Features:
It can continuously heating, the level reaches the predetermined temperature, the electric stove indicator lights go out, and the heating is stopped. After the temperature is lower than the predetermined temperature, the indicator light is lighted, and the electric stove starts heating, so that the electric stove is always at a predetermined temperature. (indicating the light is the normal phenomenon) corresponding profile temperature Description: 1 level is 80 degrees, 2 level is 180 degrees, 3 level is 300 degrees, 4 level is 380 degrees, 5 level is 450 degrees (temperature difference ± 20 degree)

1. Fill the lower pot with water(cold or warm, depends on your needs)
2. Fill the stainless steel funnel with coffee grounds(medium or fine recommended, like illy moka, lavazza espresso, no need to tamp)
3. Put on a cooktop and heat up with small or medium power setting, when it stops the gurgling sound after minutes, you can start enjoying a fresh cup of espresso instantly or make some coffee art like cappuccino or latte.
Package Included:
1 x Expresso Coffee Maker
1 x Electric Stove
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