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Chinese Tea Pet Color Change Resin Black Swan Tea Play Tray Ornaments Animal

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Size: #2

Chinese Tea Pet Color Change Resin Black Swan Tea Play Tray Ornaments Animal

Item Type:Tea Pet
#1 - 10*10 cm/3.9*3.9 ''(male)
#2 - 9.5*9 cm/3.7*3.5 '' (female)
1. Tea pets will change color when heated, meaning good
2. Swan metaphor faithful love, and peace, kindness, loyalty, courage symbol.
3. Using color changing resin as raw material,corrosion resistant, stain resistant, is an environmentally friendly material
4. Lifelike, symbolizing good love
5. Smooth bottom, stable placement, no damage to the desktop, can be used with confidence
When you buy this product, the swan you receive is Gray-black. When it hits warm water, it will turn white, just like the product image you see.
Color changes:The product itself is Gray-black.When the product encounters a water temperature of more than 70 degrees Celsius, it will turn white. When the temperature of the product itself drops, the color changes from white to Gray-black.
1,Color changes only gray-black to white.No other colors.
2,Principle: overheating sensitivit,only when it reaches a certain temperature will it change color, and the product itself will not conduct temperature and color changes. So if you want the product partial to change color, please watering warm water to that place.
Package Includes:
1*Tea pet


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