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8/10/12/15/20M Trampoline Sprinkler Water Spray Kids Outdoor Backyard Waterpark Game

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Length: 12M

8/10/12/15/20M Trampoline Sprinkler Water Spray Kids Outdoor Backyard Waterpark Game


1.Enjoy a Cooling and Fun SummerLet the kids play freely in the courtyard and spend the cool summer. This water play sprinkler can reduce the temperature on the trampoline by 25 degrees.It is perfect for children who want to play outside,birthday parties,pool parties or just for some simple relaxation.
2.100% Safe for kidsThis product is made of environment-friendly PVC,which is non-toxic.The sprinkler hose is attached on the outside of the net which eliminates unwanted "grabbing of the hose". Extremely safe for your kids.
3.No Water LeakageThe trampoline sprinkler hose can better withstand water pressure with thicker material.The improved high-quality sprinkler hose connector to avoid water leakage at the joint.
4.Wide Range of UseInstall hose on a trampoline,then connect hose to the garden hose,turn on the tap,and let fun begin.This product can be used not only for trampoline,but also for garden watering, outdoor cooling and so on.
5.Easy to Install and UseTwo kinds of water pipe interface,easy to choose the appropriate interface.The adjustable switch makes it easy to control the water flow.



Black, Green




How To Use

1. Screw the water pipe joint onto the water flow switch, and screw the water flow switch onto the water spray hose.
2. Connect the water pipe joint and your water pipe.
3. Pave the hose all around the trampoline (spraying holes face inside),Mount the hose and the trampoline with cable ties.
4. Turn on the water slowly, and adjust the pressure according to your needs.

Warm Tip:
1.Please avoid to use the zip tie around the trampoline pillars.
2.Please do not tie it too tightly,we recommend using a zip tie every 40-50cm.

If you are located in the area with high water pressure, please do not fully open the faucet. The water pipe is easy to burst. It is recommended to open it to a suitable spraying effect.

Package Included:

1 X

Water Hose

1 X

Spare Water Pipe Interface

1 X

Adjustable Water Flow Switch

25 X

Fixing Straps


2 days

Quality check

1 days

Shipping time

7-14 days

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