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80M Polyester Film Bird Scare Tape Garden Orchard Birds Repellent Ribbon

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Color: Red Dot
Width: 2.4cm

80M Polyester Film Bird Scare Tape Garden Orchard Birds Repellent Ribbon

80m Polyester Film Scare Bird Tape Garden Orchard Ribbon Bird Repellent
After hanging the tape on the tree, it will swing to and fro when the wind blows, and make the bird's eyesight confusing through reflective rotation of two different colors, as well as make a sound stimulating and scaring birds to prevent them from getting close orchard/garden.
Tensile strength of the tape can be up to 1500kg/square meter, and the light reflectance of flash surface are 90%. Peeling layer are between 0% to5%.
Widely used in agricultural planting, like to protect orchard, vineyards and vegetable farm from intrusion of birds or other small animals.

How to Use:
1. Hang the bird scare tape taller than the crops/trees by 10 to 50cm
2. Fix one side of the tape before hang
3. To make the tape fixed, turn the tape to 180 degree after pull it to 2 meters each time
4. Change the tape into S shape
5. After 10 days, change the shape to extend using time and improve effect

Material: polyester film + metal sheet
Width: 2.4cm/0.94", 4.5cm/1.77"
Total ength: approx. 80m/262ft
Color: yellow spiral / red spiral / red dot / red
Polyester film material, safe and non-toxic
Easy to use, not hurt birds badly
Not easy to fade, long service life
Anti-ultraviolet radiation, waterproof, anti-aging, good toughness, strong tensile

Package Contents:
1 x Scare Bird Tape
Warm Note:
1. Installation height must be higher than crops/tree 10cm to 50cm.
2. The silver part of tape has conductivity. Please do not contact the tape to the electric wire.
3. To avoid injuries, keep away from the tape in the thunderstorm day.


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