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Soundproof Silicone Noise Ear Plug

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Color: Black

Enter the realm of sweet dreams and uninterrupted serenity with our Sleep Noise Cancelling Earplugs – your ticket to a world where tranquility reigns supreme! These aren't just any earplugs; they're the black-belt champions of soundproofing, expertly crafted for those who value their beauty sleep and crave a professional-grade solution to silence the world. Designed to whisk you away to the land of dreams, these silicone earplugs come in a sleek black, ensuring you snooze in style. Crafted with a memory foam embrace, they adapt to your ear's unique contours, providing a snug fit that feels like a personalized lullaby. So, say goodbye to disruptions and hello to harmonious sleep with our Sleep Noise Cancelling Earplugs. Invest in your well-deserved rest with these professional-grade earplugs, because when it comes to sleep, silence is truly golden. Embrace the quiet, embrace the comfort, and let our earplugs redefine your nightly ritual – one peaceful slumber at a time!



Product Information: Name: iMeBoBo Multi-Layer Noise Earplug Material: Nano silica gel material + Memory sponge Size: 17mm* 14mm Colors: Black, Gray, Yellow and Red Include: Nano silica gel + slow rebound sponge + shark fin tail filter Package: Colors box and storage box 


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