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Free shipping worldwide on order $129+

Halloween Floating Candles

Original price $46.00 - Original price $65.00
Original price
$46.00 - $65.00
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Color: Floating Candles
Size: 20 pcs

Elevate your special occasions to a realm of enchantment with our Floating Candles, transporting you to a world of magic and wonder. Whether it's a romantic dinner, garden party, or themed event, these candles infuse an otherworldly ambiance, transforming your space into the Great Hall of your dreams, reminiscent of the wizarding world's iconic floating candles. With the included Remote Wand, effortlessly control their twinkle and gleam, adding an extra layer of enchantment to your event and customizing the atmosphere with ease. Turn any gathering into a truly bewitching experience with our Floating Candles, where the magic of your imagination knows no bounds.


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