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Guxin Rejuvenating Face Electric Cold Facial Steamer Water Shine Skin Care Boost Airbrush for Women Beauty

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Color: The Starry Night
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GX Diffuser Rejuvenating Face Electric Facial Massager

The best Skin Tool for Women Beauty.

GX Water Shine Skin Boost Makeup Airbrush

That's a super makeup airbrush kit. Perfect match with your skincare or make-up products and having your beauty life!

You can your serum, toner, essential oil, milk and any other liquid products then spraying the full spectrum of nutritional essence to cover the skin and penetrate to the basal layer. Which with nice absorption and less waste.

Product Features - GX Hydra Facial Skincare Airbrush

a) Technology that Skin Oxygen Airbrush Compressor (korean skin care products) into Deeper Layer

Differ from the traditional skincare method, we used to use cotton pad or hands to do our skin caring. This operated Airbrush is with Compressor which is to transfer any liquid products into molecules and easy to be absorbed by the deeper skin layer give a high hydration. (The normal design of GX Water Shine Portable Skin Boost Airbrush is 130KPA, and the upgrade design is 140KPA.

b) Deeper Hydration

Rejuvenate skin with oxygenated skin care treatment. Cools, refreshes, and saturates face with entire body 0.33mm Nano Spraying nozzle plus the 140KPA high pressure will reach the basal layer of the skin, helping better absorb toners, serums, treatments and maximize the effectiveness of Skin Care Product.

c) High Air Pressure Dredge the Pores give a High Hydration

Enjoy the hottest celebrity facial treatment at home with simple application, can customize your own skincare regimen by mixing different ingredients (Water, essence, milk or any other Moisturizing Skincare product.)

Operation Steps - GX Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Cold Steamer

Precautions - Skincare Spraying Device

  • 1st Time Using: Fill in warm water or alcohol to clean the spray tube and cup, and empty and dry the spray tube and cup.

  • Please fill in the water-based liquid to the cup: Toner, Essence Water or other liquid (high-viscosity product must be diluted).

  • Please follow the 1st step if without any operation for a long period or need to change the liquid inside the cup.

  • Please empty and dry the cup and spray tube if NOT USE!

  • Please fully charge the facial device before 1ST time use. (Red LED light is on while in charging, fully charge Blue LED light on.)

  • The Picosecond laser repairing water replenishing instrument cannot operate while in charging.

  • Please do not disassemble the spray tube and air pump body, contact us if you need help.

  • Attention: (a) Please do not use this machine for makeup or use any foundation or thick and sticky liquid.   (b) If no mist output, please contact with seller for details checking, they will always be with you and it will be easy to cope with.

Trouble Shooting - Face Oxygen Spray Machine

If the liquid cannot spray incorrectly, please check as below:

→ The nozzle is not screwed in correctly.

→ Mist volume intensity screw not install in correctly.

→ Liquid is sticky without any dilution.

→ Dirty inside the spray tube and cup, please follow the "Precautions" in step 1.

→ If no mist output, please contact with seller for details checking, they will always be with you and it will be easy to cope with.

Maintenance - Cordless Makeup and Skincares Airbrush

1. Use a soft cloth to clean the outside the machine.

2. Empty and dry the cup and spray tube if not us.

3. Use the water-base liquid inside the cup and spray tube.

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