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Guxin Cold Spraying for Gua Sha Face Tools Oxygen Facial Massage Roller High Frequency Air Humidifier SPA Skin Care Massagers

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GX·Diffuser Ice Globes for Face Oxygen Facial Massagers

Product Features - GX Air Humidifier

a) Technology that Skin Oxygen Airbrush Compressor (the nice korean skin care products) into Deeper Layer

Differ from the traditional skincare method, we used to use cotton pad or hands to do our skin caring. This operated Airbrush is with Compressor which is to transfer any liquid products into molecules and easy to be absorbed by the deeper skin layer give a high hydration. (The normal design of GX Water Shine Portable Skin Boost Airbrush is 130KPA, and the upgrade design is 140KPA.

b) Deeper Hydration

Rejuvenate skin with oxygenated skin care treatment. Cools, refreshes, and saturates face with entire body 0.33mm Nano Spraying nozzle plus the 140KPA high pressure will reach the basal layer of the skin, helping better absorb toners, serums, treatments and maximize the effectiveness of Skin Care Product.

c) High Air Pressure Dredge the Pores give a High Hydration

Enjoy the hottest celebrity facial treatment at home with simple application, can customize your own skincare regimen by mixing different ingredients (Water, essence, milk or any other Moisturizing Skincare product.)

It will be the best gift for your Loved One and Family.

Makeup Airbrush Set

Rapid Penetrate Essence into Your Skin

This Makeup Airbrush Set adopts high pressure water-atomizing to produced finest mist.

95% pure oxygen and active substances were injected into the basal layer of the skin through oxygen injection, so beauty essence can be absorbed better.

The device is suitable for use in four seasons, not only for your face but also your whole body.

  • Saving 30% Doses

  • Promote Absorbing

  • Saving 50% Time

  • Full-body Use

  • Easy to USE & Carry

  • Difficult Clogging


Q1: What to Fill?

We recommend to use skincare liquid products, such as Smoothing Toner, Firming Lotion, Whitening/Moisturizing Essence and so on.

The Makeup Airbrush Set used in the spray gun must be a water-based product, high-concentration products must be diluted with water first.

Q2:How Well does it?

We added few drops of noisturizing essence and diluted with water, let the model girl use.

Test skin moisture both on before using and after using. Result shows it's clearly better for enhancing the moisture of face.

Testing again after 5hours, skin still locking mositure.

Q3: How to Clean?

1. Open the capacity cup, pour out the remainders.

2. Fill in (warm) water and lid on it.

3. Turn on the airbrush kit, press the jet button to spray it out.

4. Repeat several times if it's needed. Turn off the power. Empty and dry the capacity cup.

@GX·Diffuser focus on high quality products and strive to give customers a perfect shopping experience.

If there is any problem with our product or if you are not satisfied with it, pls contact for free replacement firstly.


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