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Carburetor Repair Tool Kit Carb Rebuild Kit for Medium Size TSX Models 778-515 K7515

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Carburetor Repair Tool Kit Carb Rebuild Kit for Medium Size TSX Models 778-515 K7515

Carburetor repair tool kit, carb rebuild kit fit for medium size TSX models 778-515 K7515.
- Fit for: medium size TSX carburetor models .
- Replaces: K7515 778-515 .
- If you don't know much about your carburetor but your bowl gasket looks like the one in the picture all you need to do is measure the
center hole diameter where the carburetor mounts to the manifold.
- This kit fits most carburetors that measure 1 3/16" and 1 5/16" with 9/32" diameter throttle shafts.

Actual carburetor numbers:
TSX413, TSX414, TSX436, TSX464, TSX466, TSX475, TSX492, TSX505, TSX506, TSX506A, TSX526, TSX528, TSX530, TSX561, TSX562, TSX563, TSX575, TSX582, TSX592, TSX596, TSX602, TSX605, TSX606, TSX610, TSX615, TSX633, TSX639, TSX641, TSX645, TSX648, TSX662, TSX678, TSX688, TSX689, TSX695, TSX704, TSX711, TSX713, TSX719, TSX721, TSX725, TSX732, TSX737, TSX738, TSX755, TSX756, TSX757, TSX759, TSX768, TSX769, TSX772, TSX773, TSX775, TSX777, TSX784, TSX788, TSX791, TSX792, TSX797, TSX798, TSX799, TSX800, TSX801, TSX806, TSX808, TSX810, TSX811, TSX813, TSX814, TSX816, TSX819, TSX825, TSX836, TSX843, TSX848, TSX849, TSX853, TSX854, TSX856, TSX857, TSX867, TSX869, TSX871, TSX877, TSX878, TSX881, TSX883, TSX884, TSX885, TSX886, TSX888, TSX889, TSX892, TSX892S, TSX893, TSX894, TSX895, TSX897, TSX898, TSX899, TSX900, TSX902, TSX903, , TSX906, TSX906SL, TSX907, TSX907SL, TSX908, TSX908SL, TSX911, TSX917, TSX920, TSX920SL, TSX921SL, TSX922, TSX922SL, TSX923, TSX923SL, TSX925, TSX927, TSX928, TSX932, TSX932SL, TSX933, TSX934, TSX934SL, TSX938, TSX938SL, TSX939, TSX940, TSX940SL, TSX942, TSX943, TSX945SL, TSX946, TSX947SL, TSX949, TSX950, TSX952SL, TSX955, TSX959, TSX959SL, TSX961, TSX961SL, TSX962, TSX962SL, TSX964SL, TSX965SL, TSX966, TSX967SL, TSX968SL, TSX97, TSX972, TSX973, TSX974, TSX974SL, TSX975, TSX975SL, TSX977, TSX980, TSX980SL, TSX984SL, TSX985, TSX985SL, TSX988, TSX989, TSX993, TSX994, TSX997, TSX998, TSX999, TSXU1006, TSXU1007, TSXU835, TSXU836, TSXU840, TSXU904, TSXU963, TSXU9631, TSXU995 .

This is not a complete listing. If you're not sure send us a message with your carburetor number and we can verify fitment. All the previous Marvel Schebler carburetors only with listed sizes . For other carbs see our other listings or contact us.
- Good quality, good operation.
- Easy to install.
Package Included:
1x Carburetor Repair Kit
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