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90Cm*2M Static Cling Cover Frosted Window Glass Film Sticker

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90Cm*2M Static Cling Cover Frosted Window Glass Film Sticker

This roll of window film is perfect for home window decorations.
Material: PVC
Pattern: Flower
Color: Multi Colors
Length: 2m / 6ft
Width: 90cm /35.43"
Thickness: 0.22mm
Function: Waterproof, Sun protection, Oil-proof
1. Perfect for home window decoration.
2. Easily applied to the interior of the glass without adhesives.
3. European-style window grilles show the yearning for nature.
4. Create beauty and privacy with the look of fabulous stained glass.
5. Decorate your home, shower room, kitchen, door, dining room, office, etc, let it get closer to the idyllic scenery.
1. Cut the film into the size of where you want to apply it.
2. Clean the window surface with detergent.
3. Spray some water on the window.
4. Peel off the protect film and paste it onto the window.
5. Scrape extra water and remaining air bubbles with a scraper.
6. Trim around the edge.
1. The soft film of the electrostatic film and the smooth adsorption surface not only increase the friction but also make full use of the atmospheric pressure, and the multiple effects of electrostatic adsorption make it more firmly adsorbed.
2. Especially strong toughness and high reductibility, can make the electrostatic glass film repeatedly used, and do not have to worry about wrinkles during use.
Package included:
1 x Roll of Window Film

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