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600KG 75Mm Double Sided Fishing Magnet Salvage Magnet

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600KG 75Mm Double Sided Fishing Magnet Salvage Magnet

Material: NdFeB Magnets 304 Steel Plate
Max pull force: 600kg
Diameter: 75.3cm
Length of rope: 10m

1. Lifting ring: The magnet is equipped with eyebolts and one side is on the front side. The lifting ring can be screwed. It is more flexible than ordinary magnet operation, and its unique design structure makes it more powerful.
2. The salvage ring is a magnetic component consisting of a neodymium iron boron permanent magnet and a low carbon steel shell. Often used to salvage iron products in the lake, the sea. Because of the addition of an iron shell, the suction is several times that of an ordinary magnet, so the process must be very careful to avoid injury!
3. Due to use in different environments, there are differences in the actual suction and specification tables. This is normal! The actual suction used can be calculated as two-thirds of the table.
4. High quality: the best coating, permanent magnetic, long service life, not easy to rust.Related hook and rope make the pulling force more strong.

Package included:
1 x Salvage Magnet
1 x Rope


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