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400Ml Portable Intelligent Hydrogen Rich Water Cup Glass Cup with LED Display

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Color: Silver

400Ml Portable Intelligent Hydrogen Rich Water Cup Glass Cup with LED Display

- Healtn Hydrogens is known as the water of life, drink plenty of hydrogens-rich water to delay aging. can also be used for washing the face, maintenance of the skin.Use It is easier to aosorb when moisturized.
- Nealth-richydrogens water is beneficial to regu late the stomach, relieve constipation,hydrogens -rich water in the body through the cycle to improve gastrointestinal function.
- Health Hvdrogen cup water moleculas smaller, can be bolocked without being absorbed by the cell membrane,benencial to speed up the metabolism.
- Health-rich hydrogens-rich water to improve the overalcel repair, regeneration function.
- Health-rich hydrogens-rich water to reduce blood viscosity,improve microcirculation, and enhance blood vessel elasticity.
- Health-rich Hvdrogen water cup beneficial to improve water quality at the same time, kill the bacteriain the water,sterilzaton effect is obvious.
Color: Gold/Silver
Capacity: 400ML
Power: ≤5W
Bottle Body Material: Glass
Cup Lid Material: Aluminum Alloy + ABS
Electrolysis Times: 15 Times(When Fully Charged)
Battery Capacity: About 1000Mah
Source Water: Drinking Water/Mineral Water
Size: Approx. 24*6.5cm/9.45*2.55in
- Easy to carry.
- Intelligent LDE display.
- 3 minutes fast electrolysis, care for health.
- Intelligent platinum titanium, electrolysis technology to achieve a stable combination of hydrogens and water, with high hydrogens concentration, good stability and so on.
- Sensitive touchs button, fast electrolytic mode.
- Large-capacity lithium battery with USB universal interface for quick and convenient charging.
- Unique split design. Glass bottle body and the base are separately designed, and the base can removable.
- Suitable for use in offices, homes, travel, cars and schools.
* Do not place the cup near fires, fires or other high heat sources, or damage to the cup.
* The glass itself is fragile, so avoid falling or colliding with hard objects.
* Do not put corosive liquid. do not directly used for tea, so as not to affect its function of tea scale.
* Do not place the child in a place that is easy to reach,and do not allow chidren to play.
* Base and AC adapter,do not soak in water, do not pour water.
* Due To The Light And Screen Setting Difference, The Item's Color May Be Slightly Different From The Pictures.
* Please Allow Slight Dimension Difference Due To Different Manual Measurement.
Package Included:
1 x Hydrogens-rich Water Cup
1 x USB Cable
1 x Sprayer
1 x Hydrogen Absorption Cup
1 x Hydrogen Absorption Hose
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