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14pcs-in-1 Set Face Makeup Tool Kit,,Facial Washing Accessories, Face Makeup Tools ,Beauty Eggs,Hair hoop,Finger powder puff

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Color: Pink

1. To create a clean and comfortable foundation, a user-friendly makeup egg and puff are essential, and for beginners, the makeup on the egg will also be more even.

2. Not only are there makeup egg puffs and headbands, but this set also comes with wrist protection to prevent water from flowing from the wrist to the elbow when washing and removing makeup~


Product category: Beauty Eggs

Material: hydrophilic polyurethane

Color: Pink

Usage: Makeup tool

Package included:1 * Hair hoop

2 * Wrist strap

2 * Wash face powder puff

3 *Finger powder puff

3 * Powder puff

3 * Beauty Eggs

1. Make up eggs must be wetted and then dipped with liquid foundation, otherwise a large amount of liquid foundation will be absorbed like a sponge, causing waste.

2. When storing beauty eggs, pay attention to whether the environment is dry and ventilated. A humid environment can cause bacteria and even mold to grow in the eggs, so do not place them in a sealed space.

3. Beauty eggs should be thoroughly cleaned every 4-7 days using professional makeup tools and cleaning agents.


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