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Free shipping worldwide on order $129+

Smart Digital Fingerprint Door Lock Touch Password Keyless Keypad For Home Office (Type A)

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1. Touchable keypad for password inputting

2.Anti-peep password available, 32 bits at most.

3.Batteries power supply, external power supply in emergency.

4. Unlocking methods could be set by users: single-unlocking method or double-unlocking methods

5. Passwords could be changed by users: 1 master password and 200 unlocking password at most

6.Fingerprints are set on lock without software: 1 master fingerprint and 50 unlocking fingerprints at most.


Lock body: Plastic

Lock tongue: Zinc alloy

Panel: Zinc alloy

Touch screen: Acrylic

Color: Black+White


Working Voltage: 6.0V (4 pieces of 1.5V alkaline batteries not included)

Static power consumption: <40uA

Dynamic power: <300 mA

Low voltage indication:<4.8V

Temperature: 0℃ -70℃

Working humidity: ≤ 80%

Products Type:

1.With Double-unlocking method:

1.1 Master password + Key botton; or press the master fingerprint : Lock could be opened and then locked autometically after 5 seconds.

1.2 Unlocking password + Key button + unlocking fingerprint: Lock could be opened and then locked autometically after 5 seconds.

1.3 Press unlocking fingerprint + Put in unlocking Password + Press key button: Lock could be opened and then locked autometically after 5 seconds.

Note: when lock is with double-locking method, password cannot be changed during the 5 seconds when the lock is open.

1.4 Putting wrong passwords(or wrong fingerprints) constantly for 7 times would make the keypad locked for 2 minutes

Other Functions:

1.If password is invalid, there would be three short sound of beep and blue light would be off.

2.If batteries in low power, there would low-voltage alarming; When the lock in very low voltage, unlocking fingerprints cannot work and only the master fingerprint workable.

Special Tips:

1.For your property security, we strongly suggest you change the master password and deleting all unlocking password when lock installation finished.

2.For improving security, our lock could be unlocked by anti-peep password. For example: if your correct password is 123456, you coud add any numbers before or after this correct password (as long as the password you put in is no more than 32 bits), such as 02123456987.

Package included:

1 X Set of Fingerprint Door Lock

1 X English Manual



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7-14 days

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