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Free shipping worldwide on order $129+

MoesHouse 2 Gang DIY WiFi Smart 2 Way Light LED Dimmer Module Switch Smart Life/Tuya APP Remote Control Work with Alexa Google Home

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Main Features:

1.Easy replace your traditional dimmer light switch to make it smart,can make your exist 2 way switch smart also,just install 1 DIY smart dimmer switch,suit for EU/UK switch box,please confirm the size before order.
2.0%-100% Dimmable: Adjust the Brightness Via Your Voice Assistant like Amazon Alexa Google Home or your mobile phone
3.Wi-fi control via your mobile phone 2.4G Networks provides the needed connection to the DIY Switch Dimmer Module without the need of a separate HUB.
4.Uses popular"Smart life/Tuya"Android / IOs app Versatile APP Allows for Full Control of Your Lights or Compatible Appliances. Multiple Program Options Allow You to Plan the Exact Time to Turn Lights On/Off Automatically.
5.Give your devices the ultimate power on/off smart makeover,Simply Wire this Do-It-Yourself Module between your Device and Power Source to convert most Compatible Products to a Smart one.

6. Instruction Manual: Click here.


1.Q:Does this work with Google Home?
A:Yes,it does.And it's also compatible with Alexa.

2.Q:Do I need to buy a hub to work with the curtain module.
A:No,there is no need for you to buy a hub and no hub required for the module.

3.Q:What should I do if I can't configure the curtain module?
A:a:Please check whether device is powered on.
   b:Make sure your mobile and dimmer module are under the same 2.4GHz wifi network.
   c:Whether it's in good internet conditions.

   d:Make sure the password entered in App is correct.
   e:Make sure the wiring is correct.

4.Q:What device can be connected to the wifi dimmer module?
A:All types of lamps,no matter it is fluorescent or LED.

5.Q:What happens if the wifi goes off?
A:You can still control the light connected to the dimmer module with your traditional switch and once wifi is active again the device connected to the module will connect automatically to your wifi network.

6.Q:What should I do if I change the wifi network or change the password?
A:You have to re-connect our wifi dimmer module to the new wifi network accordingly as per the App User Manual.

7.Q:How do I reset the device?
A:Power traditional dimmer off(the one connected to the wifi dimmer module).Then press and hold for 10 seconds or more until the lamp connected to the module will flick and enter into configuration mode.

Package included:

1 x 2 Gang DIY WiFi Smart 2 Way Light LED Dimmer Module Switch


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