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Free shipping worldwide on order $129+

KTNNKG 40A 433Mhz 1Gang 4000W AC90-250V Latest Version TUYA Smart Life APP WIFI Smart Switch Socket Controls High Power Air Conditioners Pumps Work with Alexa and Google Home

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Technical Parameters:

1. Product model: TY220V-40A
2. Working voltage: AC90-250V
3. Static current: 8mA
4. Working frequency: 433MHz / 2.4G
5. Load power: 8800W
6. Receiving sensitivity: -105dbm
7. Frequency deviation: ± 0.2MHz
8. Coding method: learning
9, working mode: self-locking, timing, delay
10. Modulation mode: ASK
11. Distance: APP has no distance limit, remote control 100M (open and no interference place)
12. PCBA size: 96mm * 55.6mm * 28mm
13. Shell size: 123MM * 61MM * 31MM

Pairing method:

This switch has two buttons, the left is the WiFi pairing button (also a manual switch), and the right is the remote pairing button;
This switch has three indicators, the left is the WiFi indicator, the middle is the power button (the red light is always on), and it is also the relay output signal light (the blue light is on when the output is on, and the blue light is off when the output is off). Remote control pairing signal light;

How to pair app mode:

Turn on the power and the “power” button will light red;
Press and hold the "WiFi" button for 10 seconds, the blue indicator of the WiFi indicator starts blinking, which means waiting for pairing. Open the TUYA app and look for the device. When pairing for the first time, place the phone, switch, and router as close as possible, and the pairing success will be displayed in about 15s. At this time, the blue light is always on. At this time, you can rename the device, enter the app page, and set the scene and location;
This switch is off by default. If you want to change it, you can enter the "Restart Status Setting" of the app. You can choose "Power Off", "Power On" or "Power Off Memory";

How to pair remote mode:

Turn on the power, the “power” button lights up red
Press the "Remote" key 8 times, the indicator light flashes red then goes out, and the code is cleared successfully;
Press the "Remote" key twice, the red indicator light is on, then press the remote control button, the red light flashes 3 times quickly and then goes out, release your finger, the self-lock mode is set successfully;

Setting Toggle Mode:

Press pairing button 2 times fast, red LED light on, press the remote control button, red LED flash fast, then off.(Press remote control button, the receiver's relay is ON, press again, the receiver's relay is OFF, notice: This relay module do not support momentary mode and latched mode)

Package included:

1 x KTNNKG 40A 433Mhz 1Gang 4000W smart switch


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