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GREENYELLOW 220V 15W Electric Mosquito Killer Light for Garden Farm Anti-Mosquito Repeller

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GREENYELLOW 220V 15W Electric Mosquito Killer Light for Garden Farm Anti-Mosquito Repeller

GREENYELLOW 22V 15W Electric Mosquito Killer Light for Garden Farm
Electric mosquito-killing lamp emits ultraviolet wavelengths light to attract the mosquitoes, then powerful vacuum suction fan draws mosquitoes into the trap basket at the bottom of the device where they dehydrate and die.
It is effectively avoiding to pass the disease to human or fowl.
Ideal for home, outdoor garden or farm use.
Prodcut model: GM950
Material: ABS
Rated voltage: 220V
Rated power: 15W
UV lamp: 56V/7W
Effective area: 60㎡
DC brushless motor fan, low noise, small heat
U-shaped UV lamp, sterilization and disinfection
Powerful fan, strong swirling flow to draw mosquito into trap
Physical design device, non-pollution

Package Contents:
1 x Mosquito Killer Lamp
1 x Outlet Plug(matching according to different countries)
Warm Note:
1. The best effective range to place the device is on the 1m to 1.2m height. It can attract a huge mosquitoes in this setting position.
2. To get a better anti-mosquito effect, please do not place the device at the air-conditioning outlet or fan outlet. Because the mosquitoes will be attracted by UV lamp and got into trap by fan, if the airflow is changed, the device will not attract the mosquitoes into trap.
3. The dark the light is, the better the effect is. Please turning off other strong light-source in the room or farm when the device is working.
4. The mosquito killer lamp is not the same as other pest repellent chemicals, please turning on the device in the few hours before you go to sleep.
5. You may need a transformer (which is not included) if your country voltage is not 220V. You also can find it at Product ID:964143.

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