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2X Electronic Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Mosquito Cockroach Mouse Killer Animal Repeller

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2X Electronic Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Mosquito Cockroach Mouse Killer Animal Repeller

it's hot summer time now. cockroaches, mosquitoes, rats or something like this can be seen almost everywhere. they are disgusting, unhealthy, especially for children. because mosquitoes transmit malaria, and rats can carry the virus and cheaply spread the bacteria. they are dangerous at times! Because of you and your family's health, you need this Ultrasonic Electronic Pest Repeller, and create a clean and healthy living environment for them. The greatest love is always in the details.
- It is applicable to repel cockroaches, mosquito, insect, pests, rats etc.
- The ultrasonic repelling frequency is 20~55KHZ and the effective range is 80-120 square meters.
- Non-toxic and environment-friendly.
- Safe and odorless.
-With ABS shield, durable and shock resistant
- Power supply: AC 90V~250V, 50-60Hz
- Types: Bracelets Mosquito repellent
- Material: ABS
- Power: >5W
- Frequency Range: 20~55KHZ
- Effective Range: 80-120 square meters
Installation Method:
1. Install it into the wall socket at the height of 20 - 80 cm, ensuring vertical to the floor (strictly forbid to keep flat on the floor). if there is no socket of the same height in your home, and you need an external patch board to keep the product at the same height.
2. Do not let high barrier lying on the front of the product within 1 meter.
3. The product needs towards the open area, but you do not allow to choose the long-time to open the doors and windows. (or it will weaken the ultrasonic intensity by decreasing the efficiency of rodent repellent)
4. Try to avoid directly facing the curtain, fabric sofa, etc. and other fabric items. (because the fabric pieces can absorb the ultrasonic wave)
5. Firstly, you need to install the product in the area of ​​the most serious damage rat, and then the mice are destroyed, transfer in the center of the whole house (such as living room) or the mouse will easy to enter.
Package Included:
2 x Ultrasonic Insect Repeller

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