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Free shipping worldwide on order $129+

DHP Outdoor Folding Lounge Chair Sun Loungers

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Color: Black

DHP Outdoor Folding Lounge Chair Sun Loungers

Free Installation
7 Kg
Aluminum alloy support + Rattan

- Solid wood handrail beautiful and practical - Manchurian ash solid wood handrail, give you more comfortable enjoyment
- Comfortable and durable - Unique humanized design with pillow surface breathable, better fit the vertebra
- Upgrade new function - One chair multi-use - a folding chair for multiple uses, liberate nap time, liberate nap
- The internal clamping teeth fixed beautiful and durable - Adjusting principle, internal clamping teeth fixed, more beautiful and durable

Rocking chair * 1

- Keep out of direct sunlight - Keep out of direct sunlight for long periods of time and keep away from fire sources to prevent the vines from fading, drying, deformation, bending, cracking, loosening and coming apart.
- avoid close to the heat source - if the rattan seat is placed close to the radiator, the toughness of the rattan will become worse
It's hard to recover
- Avoid moisture deformation - Damp deformed and fixed to l shape, it will return to shape size after drying
- Warm brine wipe - After a period of use, light brine can be used to wipe, which can not only decontaminate but also maintain its flexibility


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