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Free shipping worldwide on order $129+

Electric Heated Socks 3 Gear Adjustable Temperature 110-220V

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Type: B

Electric Heated Socks 3 Gear Adjustable Temperature 110-220V

★ Rechargeable lithium battery heating, three-level temperature control, warm and comfortable.
★ Product 3V voltage, 3 gear adjustment carbon fiber is hot, and several hours can be used.
★ Soft, comfortable, flexible, durable, insulated, and washable by water.
- Heating: hot on the back of the toe
- Type: A: 3-7h, B: 6-15h
- Battery capacity: 2200mAh (3-7h), 4400mAh(6-15h)
- Heating time:
- 3-7 hours:
Upscale: approx. 3 hours
Mid-range: approx. 4.5 hours
Low: approx. 7.5 hours
- 6-15 hours:
Upscale: approx. 6 hours
Mid-range: approx. 8 hours
Low: approx. 15 hours
Package Included:
1 pair of heating socks
2x Charger
Please note upon receipt:
1. Don't rush to try on socks.
2. Connect the electric socks to the battery (long press the button to open the switch and short press the button to the state of the most high-grade red light), then put the socks between your hands and feel the heat within 1-5 minutes. Then long press the button to turn off, the LED lights go out, and remove the battery.
3. Charge the battery :(there is a slight difference in the power of each battery sent out, which is part of the charge when we tested it, some more or less)
(1) first plug the charger into the socket (220v or 110V power outlet), then the charger light is green, then plug the battery into the charger, if the battery is not satisfied, the charger indicator light is red, indicating that the charger starts charging. If the charger is still green, or alternating between red and green, and turns green over time, the battery is fully charged.
(2) at the beginning of charging, the charging time of each battery is different (because the battery has different power). After the battery is out of power, the blue battery needs about 4-6 hours to be fully charged, and the white battery needs about 8-10 hours to be fully charged.
4. The socks are hot, and the battery and charger are all right. You can wear electric socks.
5, suggest to put on thin filar socks inside, wear heating socks again, such socks need not be cleaned everyday, when cleaning, do not want to knead wire and calorific part, plug does not put in water, use again after air is dried please, or put in washing bag, clean with roller washing machine.


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