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Handheld Bidet Sprayer for Toilet, Stainless Steel Bathroom Bidet Sprayer with Adjustable Water Pressure, Baby Cloth Diaper Sprayer for Personal Hygiene

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  • 【Fine workmanship】:Each main part of SAMODRA toilet bidet sprayer is made of fine workmanship and high-quality stainless steel materials. It will not rust at all after a long time of use, is very durable and has strong resistance to oxidation and corrosion. The edges are smooth and will not hurt your hands during use.
  • 【ADJUSTABLE WATER PRESSURE】: SAMODRA handheld bidet toilet attachment sprayer can adjust the water pressure according to different usage needs. There are two water pressure modes: soft spray and jet spray. Gentle press mode is suitable for feminine bottom cleaning, baby bath or pet bath washing, Jet spray for rinsing floor, car carpets or baby cloth diapers, and water plants.
  • 【2 MOUNT OPTIONS】: Toilet tank mounted - Hook bidet sprayer holder to your toilet tank to save your bathroom space. Wall mounted - Just stick the bracket on the wall of your bathroom. Easily attaches to the toilet without tools or plumber. Note: Before installation, please make sure that the water supply valve by your toilet is fully turned off.
  • 【MULTIPLE USES】: The Handheld bidet is not only a personal bidet water spray, but also can be used as a bum gun, health bidet faucet sprayer for women or men, baby bathing shower sprayer etc, or even giving your pet bath. It also helps hemorrhoid or constipation patients for recovery, assistance, and special care.
  • 【T-VALUE ADAPTER】: Works with most U.S. toilets, please ensure that your toilet tank's water inlet diameter is 7/8” or the T-valve adapter will not fit.

Product Description

Two Water Pressure Modes

  • Strong water pressure jet spray mode & Soft spray mode
  • The powerful concentrated spray can easily wash off the stains attached to the object, which is very water-saving.

Two Mount Options

  • Support toilet tank & wall mounted.
  • You can choose to stick it on the wall, Punch-free installation will not damage your precious wall; or put the hook holder into toilet tank, only need 2 minutes. No need plumber or other tools.

Strong Brass T-Valve

  • The sturdy & durable brass structure T-valve can better resist water pressure. The 7/8'' connector is suitable for 99% of American toilets.
  • You can adjust the water pressure through the hand wheel according to your use.

Installation Steps

Step 1: Close the water supply valve.

Step 2: Empty all water in the flush toilet tank.

Step 3: Disconnect exiting water pipe.

Step 4: Connect T-valve to water supply hose.

Step 5: Connect flexible hose to T-valve.

Step 6: Connect other end of bidet hose to sprayer.

Step 7: Hang the bidet holder directly on the toilet tank side OR install the socket on the wall.


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